Collectible card game game Magic the Gathering (MTG)


Magic: the Gathering – the oldest and most popular intellectual card game in which you can feel powerful and cunning magician. With the help of his library of spells (that is, his own collected deck of cards), you will call on the battlefield of magical creatures and various artifacts, throw at his opponent and his servants thunder and lightning, impose powerful spells and curses, and much more. Fans of this great Board game can talk about it for hours, so it's best not to listen to them, but to try it yourself, the benefit for novice players have all the conditions to quickly learn the rules of Magic: the Gathering and enjoy its deep and carefully thought-out gameplay. Our company Spellmarket for several years helps both beginners and experienced players to improve their decks and buy accessories for the game at competitive prices. In our catalog you will find all the cards for your future deck, sealed products and accessories, and if you are a passionate collector – then Foil cards.

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