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Сollectible card game Magic the Gathering (MTG)

Magic: the Gathering – the oldest and most popular intellectual card game in which you can feel powerful and cunning magician. With its library of spells (that is, his own collected deck of cards) you will call on the battlefield magical creatures and various artifacts, throw at his opponent and his servants thunder and lightning, to impose powerful spells and curses, and much more. Fans of this great Board game can talk about it for hours, so it's best not to listen to them, but try it yourself, the benefit for novice players are all conditions to quickly learn the rules of Magic: the Gathering and enjoy its deep and carefully thought-out gameplay. Our company Spellmarket for several years and helps beginners and experienced players to improve their decks and buy accessories for the game at low prices.

The universe of the game is not just huge, it is boundless, and therefore the main characters of MTG – is wandering through the worlds of wizards who endlessly entangled in various stories. All their adventures, one way or another, reflected on the cards of Magic; the Gathering, illustrations of which create the best fantasy artists. Each card is like a small window into a fairy-tale world, and this is one of the reasons why the game is so loved in all parts of the world. 

For more than a quarter century of the existence of Magic: the Gathering was published an incredible number of cards – imagine what there is room to create your own unique deck. You will not play any of the same game – every card fight with friends will be remembered for exciting situations on the table, each time new, sometimes funny, sometimes requiring a break in the head. Everyone can find in this game something for yourself. Someone likes to collect interesting and powerful deck, someone prefers to collect, for example, cards with fairies or bears, other value communication in good companies and bright emotions, which Magic: the Gathering gives all without exceptions their admirers. A huge number of players with Hobbies and follow the developing from year to year literary story of the game, especially since its developers are paying a huge amount of effort to repeatedly surprise everyone who is interested in the multiverse MTG and the game itself. Several times a year new sets (sets) of cards are published, various game events are constantly held, and if you have no one to play with in your own kitchen, you can always go to a special club, find new friends there and try your deck on dinosaurs/vampires/fighting cats. Maybe one day you will want to go even further and take part in serious competitions, become a professional player and travel around the world to the Pro tour or Grand Prix. But wouldn't you rather have a cosy home gatherings with family and friends. Whatever it was, Magic: the Gathering will give you a lot of fun and pleasant memories. 

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