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Storage box

Deckbox and storage boxes for mtg


What is most precious to the heart of any player in Magic: the Gathering? That's right, my favorite deck, which was invested a lot of time and imagination. Or maybe several decks – it all depends on how much you play in mtg. In any case, your treasures need protection from moisture and other unpleasant things, and for this there is a wonderful thing - plastic deckboxes mtg. In fact, these are boxes for storing mtg cards, whose dimensions are precisely adjusted to the thickness of your decks, but they are made so that even if you drop such a deckbox into the water, very little or no water will get there.


Because decks are different, and deckbox mtg are divided into several types:

- mtg 60 card deck box

- mtg 100 card deck box

- box for two decks