About Us

Welcome to the store Spell Market!

        Spell Market, a board game store, operates from 2017 in St. Petersburg, inspired by the desire of its founders to create a unique and distinctive store, which will have a huge assortment of cards and products of the Magic The Gathering table game from the Wizard of the coast.

       "Spell Market" is proud to present an excellent selection of board games, accessories, individual cards and add-ons for people who share our true passion for this unique board game!


       At spellmarket.ru you will have access to the most exclusive Magic The Gathering cards, to the most popular and exciting table games, incredibly beautiful and rare accessories.

Our address: 192289, Moravskiy str 3/1 470 Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

Our contact Wats'App Viber: +79633084942

E-mail: admin@spellmarket.ru, supprot@spellmarket.com