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Sealed MTG decks

Sealed MTG decks


Magic: the Gathering has been gaining popularity among Board game fans for more than twenty years, and this is not surprising, given the efforts of developers and the goodwill of the mtg community. Every year, thousands of people for the first time take up unknown cards, then to many years not to part with this wonderful hobby.


Each beginner, have tried the magic with friends and one day decided to go to independent swimming, inevitably faced with the question "where do you start?"I want to quickly get ready to play with friends deck, but there is no idea how to do it with the least cost. In addition, many due to inexperience have little idea how to assemble a deck, how many creatures to put there, and how many lands, what combinations of cards you can come up with and what strategy to follow. Fortunately, the developers made sure that new players could not break their heads and created the so-called sealed deck of 60 cards, ready for the game. Each of them is built around the main map – plainswalker (planeswalker) or just a legendary creature, and uses any clear strategy. For example, a sealed deck in which the boss is the Goblin Krenko, the Leader of the Gang, who knows how to double the number of goblins in the game, is built in such a way that the player can constantly bring many new creatures to the battlefield.


With the release of any set is usually released about five new sealed decks. It is enough for a beginner to buy one or two to learn the basic rules of mtg, get a lot of pleasure from the game and understand what strategy he likes more. Step by step, not very powerful sealed deck becomes stronger – the player gradually improves it through new cards, opened in boosters or received in the exchange, and, in the end, can successfully participate in club tournaments, if he has no one to play at home.


Duel decks Magic The Gathering


Until recently, the company Wizards of the Coast produced the so-called duel deck. These are two sealed decks in one package, sharpened exclusively against each other and maximally balanced in strength. Now you can just buy two of the five mentioned sealed decks for beginners and get the same balance.


Commander Decks


In addition to the usual 60-card decks, 100-card decks for the Special commander format have been produced for several years. All cards in such a deck in a single copy, according to the rules of the format. Earlier, when the Commander was not so popular, the players collected the deck from scratch, and it took a lot of time and effort. With sealed decks everything has become much easier, buy and immediately you can play even with friends, even in the club. And you will not lose to everyone, and there will always be room for further improvement of the deck.


In General, sealed deck – the best choice for the beginner and for those who are not ready to puzzle over the well. Buy sealed deck can be in our online store with worldwide delivery. And if you live in St. Petersburg, you can get your order the next day.