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Dice Magic

Dice Magic: The Gathering


The usual D6 cube seems to be created only to determine a random number from 1 to 6, but not in Magic: the Gathering. In this game, Board cubes can be used in many ways. Doubt it? Then here is a list of what a simple set of D6 cubes can do during a game in MTG:


- using a roll of 1-2 dice to determine who will go first (more precisely, determine the order of the move in the first game);

- apply different types of tokens to permanents;

- count the number of lives each player has (for this it is most convenient to use the D20 cube);

- replace creature or artifact tokens

- show how many poison/energy tokens a player has

- help when calculating the mana received from lands;

- help in calculating how many and what lands are needed in the deck, based on the scatter of colors of cards in this deck;

- remind about triggers that are triggered after the turn step (for this purpose, the MTG cubes are placed on the top of the library to run into them with your hand before taking the card and immediately remember the triggers);


Even this extensive list can be supplemented if you want, but it is already clear that the cubes for Magic: the Gathering – an indispensable thing. Any player, no matter whether they go to tournaments in the club or play with friends in the kitchen, always has a box with D6 and D20 cubes.