Team Constructed MTG

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Team Constructed-a format where players fight against each other in teams of three people. Each team is required to submit three decks: Legacy, Modern and Standard, distributed among its members. Rules colocotroni not differ from normal. One and the same card, if it is legal in these formats, can be put in all three decks in the amount of four copies.


The game is played as follows: each player at the team table sits opposite an opponent with a deck of the same format (Legacy, Modern or Standard) and plays up to two wins. If two players on a team win in the current round, the team is awarded the victory in that round and 3 points are awarded.


During the game, team members have the right to confer among themselves about game decisions, including Mulligan and the use of a sideboard, but sanctions for slow play are the same as in regular tournaments with competitive SCP.


Until his entire team has finished their matches in the current round, the player can leave the playing place only with the permission of the referee, otherwise he will be deprived of the right to communicate with teammates.

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