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Aggravated Assault Out Of Stock

Aggravated Assault

{3}{R}{R}: Untap all creatures you control. After this main phase, there is an additional combat pha..

Condition: NM


Armageddon Out Of Stock


Destroy all lands...

Condition: NM


Attrition Out Of Stock


{B}, Sacrifice a creature: Destroy target nonblack creature...

Condition: NM


Austere Command Out Of Stock

Austere Command

Choose two —• Destroy all artifacts.• Destroy all enchantments.• Destroy all creatures with converte..

Condition: NM


Avatar of Woe Out Of Stock

Avatar of Woe

If there are ten or more creature cards total in all graveyards, Avatar of Woe costs {6} less to cas..

Condition: NM


Aven Mindcensor Out Of Stock

Aven Mindcensor

FlashFlyingIf an opponent would search a library, that player searches the top four cards of that li..

Condition: NM


Blood Moon Out Of Stock

Blood Moon

Nonbasic lands are Mountains...

Condition: NM


Boil Out Of Stock


Destroy all Islands...

Condition: NM


Bontu the Glorified Out Of Stock

Bontu the Glorified

Menace, indestructibleBontu the Glorified can't attack or block unless a creature died under your co..

Condition: NM


Capsize Out Of Stock


Buyback {3} (You may pay an additional {3} as you cast this spell. If you do, put this card into you..

Condition: NM


Chain Lightning Out Of Stock

Chain Lightning

Chain Lightning deals 3 damage to target creature or player. Then that player or that creature's con..

Condition: NM


Choke Out Of Stock


Islands don't untap during their controllers' untap steps...

Condition: NM


Consecrated Sphinx Out Of Stock

Consecrated Sphinx

FlyingWhenever an opponent draws a card, you may draw two cards...

Condition: NM


Containment Priest Out Of Stock

Containment Priest

FlashIf a nontoken creature would enter the battlefield and it wasn't cast, exile it instead...

Condition: NM


Counterbalance Out Of Stock


Whenever an opponent casts a spell, you may reveal the top card of your library. If you do, counter ..

Condition: NM


Counterspell Out Of Stock


Counter target spell...

Condition: NM


Cryptic Command Out Of Stock

Cryptic Command

Choose two —• Counter target spell.• Return target permanent to its owner's hand.• Tap all creatures..

Condition: NM


Damnation Out Of Stock


Destroy all creatures. They can't be regenerated...

Condition: NM


Dark Ritual Out Of Stock

Dark Ritual

Add {B}{B}{B} to your mana pool...

Condition: NM


Daze Out Of Stock


You may return an Island you control to its owner's hand rather than pay Daze's mana cost.Counter ta..

Condition: NM


Amonkhet Invocations