Bundle «Zendikar Rising» ENG

Bundle «Zendikar Rising» ENG
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Bundle Zendikar Rising is the perfect gift for any fan of Magic: the Gathering, from a beginner to a seasoned magician. This set has everything to get pleasure from the game, opening the boosters or to complete your collection. Here's what we'll see when we open the cherished box:


10 boosters Zendikar Rising (this is as much as 150 mtg cards, among which one or more foils will surely fall)

20 Foil base lands

20 common base lands

1 rare foil promotional card

2 cards with phases of the course (to help beginners MTG)

convenient Spindown life counter


Box set BundleCore Set 2021 is perfect for storing your cards, it is made of very thick cardboard and will serve you for years. Ordering this set, you will get a lot of necessary cards and will be able to collect a couple of decks to play with friends.



Edition Zendikar Rising
Language English