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Amnesia Out Of Stock


Target player reveals his or her hand and discards all nonland cards...

Condition: NM


Angry Mob Out Of Stock

Angry Mob

TrampleAs long as it's your turn, Angry Mob's power and toughness are each equal to 2 plus the numbe..

Condition: NM


Apprentice Wizard Out Of Stock

Apprentice Wizard

{U}, {T}: Add {C}{C}{C} to your mana pool...

Condition: NM


Ashes to Ashes Out Of Stock

Ashes to Ashes

Exile two target nonartifact creatures. Ashes to Ashes deals 5 damage to you...

Condition: NM


Ball Lightning Out Of Stock

Ball Lightning

Trample (This creature can deal excess combat damage to defending player or planeswalker while attac..

Condition: NM


Banshee Out Of Stock


{X}, {T}: Banshee deals half X damage, rounded down, to target creature or player, and half X damage..

Condition: NM


Barl's Cage Out Of Stock

Barl's Cage

{3}: Target creature doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step...

Condition: NM


Blood Moon Out Of Stock

Blood Moon

Nonbasic lands are Mountains...

Condition: NM


Blood of the Martyr Out Of Stock

Blood of the Martyr

Until end of turn, if damage would be dealt to any creature, you may have that damage dealt to you i..

Condition: NM


Bog Imp Out Of Stock

Bog Imp

Flying (This creature can't be blocked except by creatures with flying or reach.)..

Condition: NM


Bog Rats Out Of Stock

Bog Rats

Bog Rats can't be blocked by Walls...

Condition: NM


Bone Flute Out Of Stock

Bone Flute

{2}, {T}: All creatures get -1/-0 until end of turn...

Condition: NM


Book of Rass Out Of Stock

Book of Rass

{2}, Pay 2 life: Draw a card...

Condition: NM


Brainwash Out Of Stock


Enchant creatureEnchanted creature can't attack unless its controller pays {3}...

Condition: NM


Brothers of Fire Out Of Stock

Brothers of Fire

{1}{R}{R}: Brothers of Fire deals 1 damage to target creature or player and 1 damage to you...

Condition: NM


Carnivorous Plant Out Of Stock
Cave People Out Of Stock

Cave People

Whenever Cave People attacks, it gets +1/-2 until end of turn.{1}{R}{R}, {T}: Target creature gains ..

Condition: NM


City of Shadows Out Of Stock

City of Shadows

{T}, Exile a creature you control: Put a storage counter on City of Shadows.{T}: Add {C} to your man..

Condition: NM


Cleansing Out Of Stock


For each land, destroy that land unless any player pays 1 life...

Condition: NM


Coal Golem Out Of Stock

Coal Golem

{3}, Sacrifice Coal Golem: Add {R}{R}{R} to your mana pool...

Condition: NM


The Dark